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We’re here to lower the stress of taking the MCAT.

Hey there.

First, congratulations – med school takes grit and ambition, and even considering the MCAT is a bold move.

And, I get it. The MCAT can feel like your whole career and IQ is on the line, and it’s really costly to take it over and over again. Even if you are studying well, the test prep time and focus can take away from your job, school, and relationships. That’s what I experienced.

My therapist said he’s never met someone who has such bad anxiety but was so good at tests. I had great studying habits but I had TERRIBLE anxiety management habits. I knew I could destroy the test if I actually studied, but I became reclusive and depressed while I tried to figure out how to pass the MCAT.

Even after I passed the test, I was still a wreck. I had gotten rid of my job and my girlfriend. I had literally the worst case scenario happen to me – my life fell apart and I experienced trauma.

I spent a lot of time perfecting test-taking skills and studying in that time though, so I became an MCAT tutor. I’m committed that no one would have to experience what I experienced.

“I’m committed that no one has to experience what I experienced. You can Crush the MCAT and get in to med school, with much less drama.”

Then, it worked.

When I took it the second time, I applied everything I had been teaching my students. I got a perfect score on the CARS section, which is the hardest section of the test.

I prepared for it in two weeks, applied what I’d been teaching, and sat back 30 minutes into the test thinking “Wow. This is easy.”

Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t stress through day after day of studying and missing out on your life. We’re here so you crush the MCAT, calm the stress and pressure, and get into your dream med school with a great score.

I’m excited to meet you and hear why you want to be a doctor. I’m also excited to help you crush the MCAT.

Best of luck,

Sid Goyal
Head Tutor, Coach and Founder at Crush the MCAT

How Hannah Crushed the MCAT

“Through compassion, non-judgment, and unconditional acceptance, Sid helped me work through my most difficult moments — sad, overwhelmed, even hopeless — to realize my true strengths.

I believe this was the true key to my success.

The personal growth I achieved through working with Sid has had a greater, more positive effect on my life than I ever would have expected, allowing me to experience greater success not just academically, but in my job and my relationships, too.

I recommend Sid’s truly elevated tutoring and coaching services to anyone wishing to improve his or her academic success, competitiveness as a medical school candidate, and skills for personal growth and lifelong learning.”

Hannah K.

Don’t let one test interrupt your potential or risk your dream to be a doctor.

Feel prepared and confident that you can crush the MCAT.